Sunrise 5G

Sunrise 5g

Under the creative direction of Publicis Zürich, I have created this illustration and animation project for Sunrise. This is a telecommunications provider in Switzerland, that has decided to offer more information about what does 5G means with this explanatory video.

Currently this subject is trending topic, many people is talking about it and everyday more people is using it too. How much do we really know about it?

Thanks for the collaboration to Prodigious Zürich and EJJI Audio Branding.

Illustration and animation: Dani Montesinos
Client: Sunrise Telecommunication Switzerland
Creative direction: Publicis Zürich
Production: Artbox Amsterdam & Prodigious Zürich
SFX: EJJI Audio Branding Agency

5G is the next logical step with connections that are up to one hundred times faster than 4G, an upgrade that is desperately needed as our smartphone usage surges.

Animated GIF of 5G around the world
Traffic data animation
Animation GIF of smartphone with 5G

With 5G technology the radio signals are better directed towards the user total radiation is reduce compared to 4G wich transmits data more diffusely.

People talking about 5G technology.
Animation of a car using 5G technology
Animation GIF of an ambulance using 5G technology